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5th Degree Black Belt (Godan)
Testing Date: November 2012
Richard Bennett has been studying Uechi Ryu since he was 4 years old.  At 12 years old, he received his junior black belt and then his full black belt at 16.  Even before he was a black belt, Richard has been teaching classes and now has 30 years of Uechi Ryu karate experience, and 20 years teaching experience.  While attending college at Western Michigan University for 2 years, Richard studied directly under Grand Master James Thompson, and has received all of his black belt ranks from Grand Master Kanmei Uechi and Grand Master Thompson.  Richard continues to be one of the youngest black belts at each rank by testing at every minimum age requirement set in place by the Japanese Ministry of Education.
Meaningful awards:

1st place, Uechi Ryu National Championship
Antioch, Cal. 1992: Hosted by Alan Dollar
9, 10, 11 year old division - Fighting

1st place, Uechi Ryu Regional Championship
Kalamazoo, MI 1994: Hosted by Master Thompson
9, 10, 11 year old division - Fighting

1st place, Uechi Ryu National Championship
Kalamazoo, MI 1994: Hosted by Master Thompson
9, 10, 11 year old division - Kata

1st Place, Uechi Ryu National Championship
Kalamzoo, MI 2002: Hosted by Master Thompson
Black Belt Men 18yr + Division

1st Place  - Grand Champion - Uechi Ryu Regional Championship
Kalamzoo, MI 2003: Hosted by Master Thompson
Black Belt Men 18yr + Division

2nd Place, Uechi Ryu World Championship
Clearwater, Florida: Hosted by Master Ric Martin 2009
Black Belt Men 18yr+ Division

1st Place, Uechi Ryu Kenyukai Koshukai
Grand Champion, Connecticut 2015
Black Belt Men 18yr+ Division
Richard Bennett is a member of the Matayoshi Kobudo Shinbukai dojo located in Naha, Okinawa headed by Itokazu Seisho, Hanshi - 9th dan.  He trains at the Iwa Dojo under Sensei Paul Ghering.  The Iwa Dojo is one of the only locations in the United States still affilated directly with the Matayoshi system in Okinawa.  As of 2016, Richard Bennett is directly affiliated with the Matayoshi Shinbukai dojo in Okinawa.
Sensei Richard Bennett makes frequent trips to Okinawa in order to train in Matayoshi Kobudo and Uechi Ryu:

April 2007 Naha - Okinawa
Matayoshi Family Dojo
Matayoshi Kobudo Seminar

August 2009 Naha - Okinawa
All Okinawan World Tournament
Matayoshi Kobudo Seminar and Demo

October 2011 Naha - Okinawa
Matayoshi Kobudo World Tournament
Matayoshi Kobudo Seminar
Uechi Ryu Karate-Do Seminar

July 2015 Naha - Okinawa and Kobe, Japan
Assistant Instructor for Matayoshi Kobudo at the
3rd Traditional Karate and Kobudo World Seminars
Sensei Senaga Dojo Visit
Kobe, Japan Seminars and Black Belt Testing

November 2015 - Okinawa
25th Rengokai Anniversary Celebration

October 2016 - Okinawa
Guiness Book World Records Event
Awarded Matayoshi Kobudo Teaching Cert.

February/March 2017 - Okinawa
Grand Opening for the Karate Kaikan

August 2017- Okinawa
5th Traditional Karate/Kobudo Seminars
3rd Intensive Training Event

Next Trip(s)
August 2018 - Okinawa
1st Okinawan World Tournament
Richard Bennett and Master James Thompson
Koshukai 2015
Richard Bennett at the Matayoshi Shinbukai Hombu Dojo - Okinawa
Richard Bennett at Uechi Ryu Kenseikai Dojo with Senaga sensei
First trip to the Matayoshi Kodokan dojo - 2007
Richard Bennett is the owner of Bennetts Karate and chief instructor for karate and kobudo at our main dojo in Erie, Colorado.  He is also the technical advisor for our rec center affiliates in Erie, Westminster, Denver and Frederick.  Because of his frequent visits to Okinawa and seminars around the world, Richard has been able to train with many Okinawan karate and kobudo masters across various styles including Seisho Itokazu (Konankai, Uechi Ryu), Zenpo Shimabukuro (Seibukan, Shorin Ryu), Morio Higaonna (Goju Ryu), Yoshio Kuba (Goju Ryu), Kiyohide Shinjo (Kenyukai, Uechi Ryu), Tsutomo Nakahodo (Okikukai, Uechi Ryu), Masakazu Kinjo (Uechi Ryu and Ryukyu Kobudo Hozonkai), and Yoshitsune Senaga (Kenseikai, Uechi Ryu).  Richard also learned Matayoshi Kobudo at the Matayoshi Kodokan in Okinawa through several visits while training under sensei Itokazu.