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Okinawa 2017
Richard Bennett traveled to Okinawa in Feb and March to see the grand opening of the new Okinawan Karate Kaikan located in Tomigusuku.  During that time Richard was able to train with some of the Karate Nerds just arriving to Okinawa. 

Richard was able to train Uechi Ryu and Kobudo with Itokazu sensei, and was able to visit and train with Senaga sensei.  He was also able to train at the Kenyukai dojo with Shinjo sensei and meet a few of the instructors and new students.
At the beginning of May, Bennetts Karate hosted a seminar with Hanshi James Thompson, president of our association - Uechi Ryu Karate Do Kokusai Kyokai.  We had 3 days of events that ended with black belt testing for 10 black belt candidates and advanced black belt ranks.  Master Thompson headed our test board of 8 instructors.
Hanshi James Thompson Seminars
Richard Bennett attended the Classical Fighting Arts events in Dalton, Georgia to train with and see Zenpo Shimabukuro, Yoshio Kuba, and Seisho Itokazu.  Richard was accompanied by several Matayoshi Shinbukai members as well as sensei Paul and Barbara Ghering.
Georgia Kobudo Seminars