Bennetts Karate Okinawan and Japanese Martial Arts Club
Membership Dues
Every student must pay a recurring membership dues of $35.00 to the Bennetts Karate dojo each year that helps with the insurance payments on each student.  The membership dues also continually keeps our prices low at the rec centers and at the dojo.  It also covers our specialty classes for students at the dojo and at the rec centers.  Membership dues also helps sponsor two seminars and two video parties per year at the dojo.
Black Belt Membership
Students cannot test for black belt or under black belt ranks unless they have paid their yearly membership dues first.  Black belt students can opt to pay a black belt club membership which will reduce their monthly payments and allow them to participate in other programs.
Membership Benefits
Members of the dojo receive discounts on uniforms and sparring equipment if bought through the instructor.  Students also receive discounts in events hosted by the dojo, including tournaments, seminars, and make up classes for those at rec centers.
Kids Karate Classes
Bennetts Karate teaches extracurricular karate classes for early childhood educational facilities and afterschool activities.  The Bennetts Karate dojo has taught classes at centers such as Bright Horizons, Primrose, the Goddard schools, and many Montessori schools in the Westminster, Longmont, and Thornton area. 

You can contact the dojo (303) 947-3908 if you are interested in getting classes started at your school.  Classes are run by Richard Bennett, 5th degree black belt and chief instructor of Bennetts Karate.
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Bennetts Okinawan Karate Dojo
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