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Bennetts Karate Dojo - Erie Village

Current Assistant Instructors - Jr Black Belts

Lauren Elvington
Mizuki Green
Hayden Bivans

Current Jr. Instructors in Training

Piper Tocco

Students in our Leadership Program are allowed to learn how to teach at under blackbelt levels.  By the time they receive their black belt, they will also receive their Asst. Instructor L1 certification by the dojo.  Usually it takes a few years after black belt to accomplish this.  Students in the Leadership Program must participate for a year at first, and the program takes about 2 years to finish.
Students must be at least a yellow belt with 2 stripes to gain entry into the Leadership Program.  This program requires extra time training during the week, as well as teaching their own class with one of our instructors.  Students must teach a minimum set of hours in order to obtain each level of teaching:

Asst. Instructor lvl 1 - 80 hrs teaching
Asst. Instructor lvl 2 - 180 hrs teaching
Full Instructor - 320 hrs teaching

This program is available to children and adult students.  Although the point of the program is to help students reach a level of teaching upon receiving black belt, black belts are able to begin teaching at any time.