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Bennetts Okinawan Karate Dojo
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Authentic Martial Arts

Aikido Classes
Karate Classes
Kobudo Classes
4 - 6 year olds
Uechi Ryu Karate Do
Uechi Ryu Karate Do Kokusai Kyokai
Bennett Family
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Traditional Karate
The Bennett family teaches Uechi Ryu using a structured class set up, traditionally taught by Kanei Uechi

Classes are structured as follows:
  • Junbi Undo and Hojo Undo exercises, with the entire class.
  • Sanchin Kata, with the entire class.
  • Individual Sanchin Kata, where the instructor can personally examine the student's Sanchin, and make corrections.
  • Kote Kitae (arm rubbing and pounding exercise), in pairs of two and sometimes three.
  • Two man routines, with partners of two and sometimes three.
  • Rank kata, whole class.
  • Dismissal of the entire class.

All martial arts teach discipline, responsibility, and require dedication.  Uechi Ryu offers that and more to its students...

Students will:
  • Learn Aikido techniques, with karate applications
  • Learn how to care for and use the Japanese training swords - Shinai and Boken
  • Learn how to count in Japanese, use common Japanese phrases, and understand basic Japanese terminology for Karate
  • Learn the history of Uechi Ryu, and the general history of the martial arts
  • Learn how to roll and fall properly as to not hurt themselves inside and outside of class
  • Be taught tournament sparring
  • Learn how to do Jump kicks
  • Become teachers by teaching lower ranks new material
  • Be responsible for themselves during class, sign themselves in before class, and sometimes practice by themselves
  • Learn to be respectful of each other, the instructors, and themselves
  • Build confidence by teaching, and demonstrating their knowledge of the material through kata and kumite
  • Learn to condition their bodies (arms and legs)
  • Learn how to focus their center of gravity and strike effectively using that center

Goals for our Students
Quotes by Kanei Uechi

"The purpose of karate training is to discipline the mind and body and to master the art of self-defense."

"A karate practitioner should be well-mannered and modest, value courtesy, always wear decent clothing, pay attention to his speech and actions and work hard at training day and night."

"A karate practitioner must never call upon his strength in a quarrel, speak harshly, act roughly, or become troublesome to others."

"A karate practitioner must never bring shame upon himself or his school in either speech or action."

**We intend to help our students better understand the martial arts, learn respect and discipline, learn self control, learn self defense, gain self-esteem, and want to become better individuals.