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Bennetts Okinawan Karate Dojo
720 Austin Ave.
Erie, CO.  80516
(303) 947 - 3908


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Dojo Rules
Directions for Dojo Activity

  1. The martial arts begin and end with respect.
  2. Bow upon entering and leaving the dojo indicating your respect for that place.
  3. Diligently follow the instruction given by your instructor and your seniors.
  4. Thoughtless and careless actions such as whistling, singing, and social conversation have no place in the dojo.
  5. Smoking is prohibited in the dojo.
  6. Refrain from engaging another student in idle talking and make the best use of the time given for your class.
  7. Practice in a business-like manner; if you need to rest, do so in an area where you will not interfere with other's workout.
  8. Person-to-person relationship in the dojo must be reinforced by courtesy and respect.
  9. Keep your body and your Gi always clean.
  10. You are responsible for keeping your conduct under control inside and outside of the dojo.
**Karate begins and ends with courtesy and respect.

  1. No gum in the workout area.
  2. No profanity in the Dojo.
  3. No cell phones, cell phones are to be turned off in order to avoid class disruption.
  4. Socks and shoes are to be removed before entering class.
  5. Always address senior students as "sempai" while in the Dojo.
  6. Always address the instructor as "Sensei", and the head instructor as "Shihan".
  7. Never leave the class for a break, water, or any early dismissal, except with permission.
  8. When late for class, wait for instructor's permission to enter, and fall in at the back of the class when permission is given.
  9. Always pay strict attention to the instructor, and not to other distractions.
  10. Jewelry is not allowed in the workout area.  Stud earrings can be worn, but hoop earrings must be removed.
  11. No using equipment unless authorized by the Instructor.
  12. No sparring allowed without permission.
  13. Never lose temper in Dojo, especially in self-defense or free sparring.
  14. Never lean on the walls or lay spread on the floor. Students must stand only, and kneel or sit of told by instructor.
  15. Students must always keep their finger and toenails clipped and clean.
  16. No horseplay in the Dojo.                                 
  17. No loud talking in the Dojo.
  18. Never talk in class except to ask a question or answer one.
  19. Spectators are allowed, as long as they do not disrupt class or distract students (this includes parents of students).
Student Expectations and Conduct

Students shall conduct themselves in a manner that will reflect the utmost humility, courtesy, and respect for others, themselves, and their dojo.  They shall be loyal, honest, and possess a high degree of integrity with a practical purpose of developing cooperation and trust among fellow students, Sensei.