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Authentic Martial Arts

Aikido Classes
Karate Classes
Kobudo Classes
4 - 6 year olds
Uechi Ryu Karate Do
Uechi Ryu Karate Do Kokusai Kyokai
Bennett Family
The Bennett family teaches a traditional Okinawan martial art known as Uechi Ryu.  We are members of the Kokusai Kyokai branch within Uechi Ryu, of which Master James Thompson (Judan, Hanshi) is president.  We teach 8 kata, three of which are the original Chinese kata Uechi Ryu was modeled after; Sanchin, Seisan, and Sanseirui.  Our classes are highly structured and concentrate on focusing the mind, body conditioning, and technique. 

Sensei Allen and Amanda Bennett have been teaching Uechi Ryu in Colorado since 1996.  Originally teaching at a private dojo in Erie, they took over a Uechi Ryu club from the previous instructor at the Frederick Carbon Valley Rec Center in 2002.  In 2009, Bennetts Karate was established commercially in Erie and now runs schools in Frederick, Erie, and Westminster Colorado all taught by the Bennett family and their instructors.  The Bennett family still travels to Okinawa and trains with masters of both Uechi Ryu and Kobudo in order to provide students with the most accurate and authentic instruction.
Master Thompson's Dojo - MI
Shinjo Dojo 2011
Tokyo, Uechi Ryu Okikukai 2015
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Richard Bennett with sensei Itokazu Seisho - 10th dan Konan Ryu/9th Dan Kobudo