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Uechi Ryu Karate Do
Shihan Amanda Bennett, Renshi
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6th Degree Black Belt (Rokudan)
Testing Date: November 2012
Shihan Amanda began practicing Uechi Ryu under Allen Bennett in 1990, at his dojo in Grand Rapids, MI.  Shihan Amanda has trained with multiple high ranking experts during her Uechi Ryu Karate career.  Within her first two years of training before she received her black belt, Shihan Amanda had trained with Bill Keith while living in Florida, Don Joyner in Michigan, and Allan Dollar in California.  She also trained formally under Master James Thompson in Kalamazoo, MI and has received black belt diplomas from different branches of the Uechi Ryu Karate Do system including Kanmei Uechi, Okikukai, and Kokusai Kyokai.

Upon moving to Colorado, Shihan Amanda had left behind many dojos that she and Shihan Allen Bennett had created in and around Naples, Florida.

Over 25 years studying the Uechi Ryu Karate system
Over 20 years of Teaching Experience

Studied with Sifu Mark Stewart at his seminars in Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do System
Studied Pu Kang Tung Soo Do for a year

3rd place, Uechi Ryu National Championship
Antioch, Cal. 1992: Hosted by Alan Dollar
Black Belt Women, 18+ yrs Division - Fighting

1st place Gold Medal, Open Style Regional Championship
Held in Florida, 1993: AAU
Black Belt Women, 18+ yrs Division - Fighting

Dojos Created by Sensei Amanda Bennett:

Marco Island YMCA
Naples Fleischmann Community Center
Naples' Cambier Park Karate in Florida
Carbon Valley Rec. Center
Shihan Amanda Bennett received her Shihan certificate in 2010 by Grand Master James Thompson, President of Uechi Ryu Kokusai Kyokai.  Throughout her Uechi Ryu experience, Shihan Amanda Bennett has received black belt diplomas from Okikukai Uechi Ryu under Grand Master Tomoyose, Grand Master Kanmei Uechi, and Grand Master James Thompson
Sensei Allen Bennett Checking Sensei Amanda Bennett's Sanchin at Master Thompon's Dojo in Michigan