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Access to the dojo videos, with indepth information about upcoming and past events related to the dojo.
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4 - 6 year olds
Dojo News
The 1st Okinawa Karate International Tournament will be held in Okinawa, Japan in August 2018.  This will include tournaments for the 3 main styles of karate as well as a separate tournament for kobudo.  Bennetts Karate and other members of the association will have a team going to the event to compete. more...
Current cancellations and events coming up in 2017.  This will most likely be updated over time to include seminars, video parties, black belt testing, and cancelations.  We will try to post events and cancelations for Aikido, Karate-do, and  Kobudo.  These may apply to all classes, including rec centers as well as students at the main dojo in Erie.  more...
Bennetts Karate will be hosting a seminar for Goju Ryu with Yoshio Kuba, 10the degree black belt.  This event is intended for adult students 15 yrs and older, beginners, and participants generally interested in Goju Ryu.  Kuba sensei will be running his own in-depth seminars for black belts the following week.   more...
Okinawa International Tournament
August 1 - 8, 2018

Events and Cancellations
Current Dojo Schedule 2018

Under Black Belt Testing
Saturday March 3, 2018

Goju Ryu Seminars - Yoshio Kuba
Saturday April 7, 1 - 3pm